Sex Crimes


There are no crimes with the more social stigma than sex crimes. Just the accusation can have a dramatic effect on your reputation, job, and life. Tyler Bliss has a track record of aggressively defending clients accused of sex crimes. The litigation in this area is complex and requires someone with specialized knowledge of the unique challenges that these cases represent.


Tyler Bliss will diligently fight to keep your freedom and keep your record clean. In the past, results have included:

  • Dismissal of allegations of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Not Guilty verdict at trial of Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Dismissal of Failure to Register as a Predatory Offender charge

  • Treatment instead of prison in a Child Pornography case where Mr. Bliss worked with client to address issues early and effectively

If you or someone you know is charged with a sex crime, give Tyler a call for a free consultation.