Domestic Violence

    Minnesota Domestic Violence cases are among the most dangerous for the accused. It is shamefully easy to file a false domestic violence complaint. It is usually a case of "he said, she said." Once one side of the story has been told to the police and prosecutors, it is an uphill battle to clear your name. Sadly, the law is being used as a weapon by many spouses and partners. Picking up the phone and calling the police becomes a tool for manipulation and control. Once someone learns how easy it is to initiate a domestic violence prosecution, it can become a pattern. You need a Minnesota Domestic Violence Attorney with experience, intelligence, and passion to defend you.

Tyler Bliss has handled hundreds of domestic violence cases and has received many dismissals and not guilty verdicts. He has also negotiated outcomes that have allowed his clients to keep their jobs, live with their children, and maintain their good name in the community. He is a Domestic Violence Attorney with a proven track record and a passion for getting his clients the results they deserve.

A conviction of domestic violence or spousal abuse can have a grave impact on your future. If convicted of a crime of domestic violence you will never be able to own a gun (or hunt) again, you may have difficulty finding housing, you will have the stigma of having a domestic violence conviction. You need to fight to protect your life and lifestyle. You need a domestic violence attorney to help you clear your name. We work with clients to find the best possible resolution to difficult charges. We will work with you to navigate all of the difficult issues surrounding your case, from visitation with your children to orders for protection. Our goal is to make the process as painless as possible.

If you are charged with domestic violence, it is important to have a criminal defense attorney to present your side of the story and to guide you through the traps of the system. You can fight your charges and you can defend your freedom and your name. If you are ready, give Tyler Bliss a call for a free consultation.